NAME bolo name - Bolo Monitoring System Qualified Name Utility SYNOPSIS bolo name check QUALIFIED NAME [...] bolo name dump QUALIFIED-NAME [...] bolo name fix QUALIFIED NAME [...] bolo name match NAME1 NAME2 DESCRIPTION bolo is a lightweight monitoring system kernel that aggregates counter data and sample readings, maintains event and state information, and broadcasts its findings to all connected *bolo subscribers*. These subscribers can perform a wide variety of functions, from storing metric data in RRDs to sending notifications on state changes. bolo query is a small utility that parses and analyzes TSDP Qualified Names (i.e. type=sys,host=example01,m=cpu). It provides sub-comands for checking name equivalence (including wildcard matching semantics), canonicalization (via fix), validation (check) and debugging. The following commands are understood: check NAME(S) Check the well-formedness of one or more qualified names. Evaluates all arguments, and exits non-zero if any of them are invalid. dump NAME(S) Prints debugging information from the *qname* parser, which can be useful to developers and system integrators wishing to understand qualified names on a deeper level, and chase down bugs in the implementation. fix NAME(S) Parses each qualified name, canonicalizes it (by re-ordering name components), and prints it to standard out. Invalid or malformed names will be skipped, and an error (for each) will be printed to standard error. match NAME1 NAME2 Parses both qualified names and checks if "NAME1" is equivalent to "NAME2", taking into account wildcard matching semantics. SEE ALSO bolo(7) for general information, bolo(1) and bolo.conf(5) for documentation on the CLI tools, dbolo(1), dbolo.conf(5) for details on the distributed bolo agent, and read about subscribers in bolo2rrd(8), bolo2pg(8), bolo2meta(8), and bolo2redis(8) AUTHOR Bolo was designed and written by James Hunt and Dan Molik.