NAME bolo query - Bolo Monitoring System Controller SYNOPSIS bolo query [-e tcp://host:port] DESCRIPTION bolo is a lightweight monitoring system kernel that aggregates counter data and sample readings, maintains event and state information, and broadcasts its findings to all connected *bolo subscribers*. These subscribers can perform a wide variety of functions, from storing metric data in RRDs to sending notifications on state changes. bolo query is a clent that reads commands from standard input, and relays them to a bolo aggregator (specified by the -e flag). The following commands are understood: state STATE-NAME Retrieve the current status and summary message of the given state. set.keys KEY1 VALUE1 [KEY2 VALUE2 ...] Set one or more keys and their values. get.keys KEY1 [KEY2 ...] Retrieve the value for one or more keys, by name. del.keys KEY1 [KEY2 ...] Delete the named keys from the bolo keystore. search.keys PATTERN List out keys that match the given pattern. [SINCE] Retrieve and print the list of buffered events that occurred on or after the given timestamp. If there is no timestamp, all events are retrieved. dump Dump the state data, as YAML. OPTIONS -e, --endpoint *tcp://host:port* What endpoint to connect to. Defaults to *tcp://*. Supports DNS resolution for both IPv4 and IPv6 endpoints. SEE ALSO bolo(7) for general information, bolo(1) and bolo.conf(5) for documentation on the CLI tools, dbolo(1), dbolo.conf(5) for details on the distributed bolo agent, and read about subscribers in bolo2rrd(8), bolo2pg(8), bolo2meta(8), and bolo2redis(8) AUTHOR Bolo was designed and written by James Hunt and Dan Molik.